This is a guide only and you are invited to contact us to obtain a free detailed quotation for the cost and delivery of the required piece of work

AJBS are totally flexible in our approach to pricing

  • Our minimum hourly charge starts at just £12.00 for basic word processing services and data entry.
  • Our minimum charge is for one hour's work and thereafter work is charged by the half hour.
  • Our hourly rate increases depending on the complexity of the task and written quotations are provided following detailed discussion with the prospective client and prior to commencement of any task
  • Client additions and alterations are charged by the quarter hour at the agreed hourly rate
  • Fixed monthly costs for regular tasks can be negotiated with discounts for additional work
  • Stationary, faxing, e-mail, copying, telephone, postage and courier costs are charged at cost unless otherwise agreed at the point of quotation
  • Urgent Deadlines - If an express service is required within a 24-48 hour turnaround a surcharge maybe applicable depending on the task